• 30% energy saving, 100% environment friendly: 1600 Watt input power of your vacuum cleaner generates a suction power of 350 Watt, which is equivalent to those of vacuum cleaners with 2000 Watt. This enhances the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner and allows more cleaning with less energy. It is good both for your pocket and for the environment.

  • Cyclone Technology: The cyclone technology used in your vacuum cleaner is one of the state-of-the-art technologies. 3rd generation Cyclone technology taking the Hepa filter out of the dust case causes less dust to remain in the filter, prolonging its life. Your HEPA filter is not therefore defeated by dust and time, and your vacuum cleaner does not lose its power.

  • How many decks does a food processor have? Usually one only. It is because when you make even a small job with your processor, for example chop an onion, you have to wash that big deck and clean the blade. We have designed another small deck that can enter into your food processor. So you can use the big deck for big jobs and the small one for small jobs, and when you clean them, you use effort according to the size of your job!

  • Intelligent speed control (ISC) incorporated in s3 foodprocessors firstly determines the amount of the materials that you put in your food processor. Then, it automatically selects the blending and chopping speed according to the amount of the goods. This warrants an excellent performance and prevents any unnecessary consumption of energy.

  • Your s3 Steamcooker creates wonders. Thanks to its 7 cooking programs, you can cook meat, fish, chicken, rice, egg, vegetable or all together. What else, you can select any program with the digital indicator easily.

  • Soleplate of your digital iron is plated with CeraSOL. This miraculous technology that prevents the iron soleplate from sticking to the garments also allows the soleplate to be cleaned easily. Furthermore, you can make the most sensitive temperature setting on the digital display of your iron easily.

  • The spout of the kettles with stainless steel body is usually welded to the body. The welding point may cause problems like dripping when you use the kettle. We have designed the spout of this kettle as integrated with the body, not welded to the body. Consequently, your water kettle will not drip water, therefore not worry or tire you.

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